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Somatics is a gentle movement-based practice, that targets the root cause of most chronic pain: being our brains and the way we adapt to stress and life, through unconscious habituated movement patterns. Over time, muscles learn how to stay contracted and slowly, our brains ability to sense, control and relax our muscles diminishes. This leads to what is called "Sensory Motor Amnesia." Meaning a loss of voluntary control of our muscles.

Somatic movement offers a unique appoach to re-wiring the brain to muscle connection, and putting your brain back in control of movement. Through this safe and gentle practice, you will learn to observe areas of the body where movement is restricted and areas of the body where there is freedom of movement. Working from center to periphery, using a series of movements called "Pandiculations" you will begin to release large groups of muscles back to their orignal length and function. Through this paractice, that engages the "Sensory Motor Nervous System" you will be able to create immediate and lasting changes. Somatics is not about working harder. It's about slowing down and giving the brain the time to sense what is happening internally. Therefore, increasing our ability to move more intelligently, more efficiently and with greater ease and joy. 

The benefits of this practice are many and include: tools to safely and effectively reverse the causes of chronic pain, renewed muscle control, and greater strenth and flexibility. Improved walking, posture, and breathing. As well as reducing stress, anxiety and trauma.    


Introductory Somatics Classes

In an introductory Somatics class, you will have the opportunity to come and learn why somatics is so effective at addressing and reversing the causes of most chronic pain. 

You will be guided through a series of very safe and gentle movements that will help release large groups of muscles, and help to restore muscle length and function. 

Some of the many benefits this practice has to offer include:

-Relief of chronic pain

-Greater muscle control and flexibility

-Improved posture, walking and breathing

-Helps release stress, anxiety and trauma


Pre-registration is required for all classes.




Introductoy Somatics Class

Friday December.1st 5:30pm-6:45pm

The Abbey Dance Studio 2689 Penrith Ave, Cumberland, BC

Cost: $25

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December.4th-18th 5:30pm-6:30pm

The Abbey Dance Studio 2689 Penrith Ave, Cumberland, BC

Cost: Sliding scale $10-20 per class

Are you dealing with STRESS, TENSION, ANXIETY or just feeling OVERWHELMED?

Come join me for this 3 week CALM YOUR NERVES class series.
In these classes, you will be guided through a series of safe and gentle movements, that will help to regulate your nervous system, as well as the many unconscious functions of the body that the nervous system controls, like breathing, heart rate, digestion, inflammation, and many more......

By the end of these 3 classes, you will have new tools to help you, feel more calm, centred and balanced, so that you can keep taking on life’s many challenges.
Each class will end with soft musical serenades!
Drop-ins welcome.



November.9th 12:00pm-2:00pm

The Abbey Dance Studio 2689 Penrith Ave, Cumberland, BC

Cost: $40.00

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November.9th 2:00pm-4:00pm

The Abbey Dance Studio 2689 Penrith Ave, Cumberland, BC

Cost: $40.00

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I did a four week somatics course with Angelica, and I can say with all honesty that it continues to help me on many levels. She is an inspired and confident teacher who cares deeply about her students. I was able to feel comfortable in slowing down while I developed more knowledge and balance in how I relate with my body and movement. There was a feeling of safety, and plenty of joy and laughter along the way as well. This is proving to be beneficial in caring for my long-term health!

- S White