Private session (Initial Visit)

In our first session, we will spend time discussing what physical issues you are experiencing as well as past injuries/surgeries etc, that are causing pain and hindering your ability to move. Then based on your needs, I will guide you through a sequence of safe and gentle movements, that you can continue practicing daily. From this session you will gain a clear understanding of what somatic movement is, how it works and how it feels for you. Includes a post session follow up!

Session length = 90 minutes
Cost = $70

4 Session Package

After our first session, this 4 session package is your fastrack, to learning the tools to move without pain. We will devlop and implement a movement program based on your specific needs, as well a goal of what you would like to acheieve from our sessions together, and further into the future. From eache session, you will receive movements to take home and practice and explore daily. 

Session length = 75 mins each x 4    

Cost = $220 


Private session intake form Click HERE

Please contact me via email at angelica@integralsomatics, to book a private session!

Somatics inntroductory group class

In this introductory somatic movement class, come experience the many benefits this practice has to offer, including

-Relief of chronic pain

-Greater muscle control and flexibility. 

-Improved posture, walking and breathing.

-Reduction in stress, anxiety and trauma.

 Somatics is a very safe and gentle practice. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

 You must be able to independently get up and down from the floor to participate in this series.                

Class length = 75 mins
Cost = $25.00

Somatics 4 week group class series

In this 4 week series, we will embark on a rich exploration of learning. Through safe and gentle movement, you will learn how to re-wire the brain to muscle connection and take back control of movement. By working at the level of the sensory motor nervous system, you will be able to create immediate and lasting changes in your muscle length and function. By the end of this series, you will have a toolkit for life, that will leave you empowered and able to find relief from pain, ALL ON YOUR OWN!!!

You must be able to independently get up and down from the floor to participate in this series. 

Class length = 75 minutes x 4

Cost = $120